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“So, how did he propose?” He didn’t!

“How did he propose?!?!” This has to rank as one of the most-asked questions I’ve had in the past year and a half.

The answer seems to always prompt a bit of a shock followed by a “Huh?” or “What?” So I thought I might as well blog about how there was no proposal.

We’d been together for about three years and were more than comfortable discussing marriage and our future together. Gradually, he started asking things such as: “How would you like me to propose to you?” “Do you want a romantic proposal?” “Do you want a surprise proposal?” “Should I ask your parents first?” “When would you like it?” “Where would you like it?” “In private or public?”…

Eventually, I threw my hands up (not really) and suggested that we should just go shopping for an engagement ring together. So that is exactly what we did. Luckily, the ring shopping seemed a much easier process than the non-proposal and it was easy to find one that I fell in love with at Tiffany. I experienced far better service at Tiffany Perth than Tiffany Sydney though, and even looking and trying on the same ring style at both stores I enjoyed it a lot more at the Perth store because the lady who served me was so much more personable – it’s all about the selling skills!

So I guess the next question is: Was I disappointed in the lack of a proposal?

If I was to be absolutely honest – not at all. Firstly, I am a pragmatist and was happy to skip the proposal and engagement. Secondly, I never understood why the man is generally expected to be the one to propose when two are both in love. So we didn’t throw an engagement party either, but had an amazing “engagement” dinner just between the two of us at Public House on the day I picked up my ring.

It just so happened that the day my ring was resized and ready to pick up was my 26th birthday so that was a double celebration night. Now if only I could’ve walked away with double rings… ??

But I only ended up with one of them, because, um, insurance premiums… yeah. ?

And that concludes the story of our romantic-in-our-own-way non-proposal and non-engagement.

Next up – a quick fitness update and some fun kettlebell workout routines I have been doing.


  1. Rachel W. Rachel W.

    Practical gifts are the best gifts! Go you, going against the socially accepted way of proposals ???

    • Thanks Rach! I believe in doing what makes each of us happy more so than following traditions. 🙂

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