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Location, Location, Location

Like how location is a prime factor for most businesses, the venue is a key consideration for most weddings. The decision-making process becomes a little more complicated than picking a nice ceremony and reception venue when you:

  • Have ties with multiple cities/countries – my partner and I live in Perth, most of his family and friends are in Perth, most of my family and friends are in NZ, I grew up in and love NZ, and we both agree that NZ is the more beautiful place (not many places in the world can rival the beauty of Middle Earth!). Ah, and our birth countries are in Europe and Asia, although we never really considered them as practical options; and
  • Want to run your wedding on a conservative budget – so how about a cheap wedding followed by a honeymoon in Bali? Hmmmm.

Ultimately, we decided on Perth because we live here, which makes it a lot easier to organise local suppliers as we are doing our wedding planning DIY – a by-product of the conservative budget. If having a wedding planner is an option though, I have heard of how easy they make everything happen and being overseas wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe in my next life I’ll get to have a wedding with Mordor as the backdrop. 😌

So, having chosen the city, next up was the actual venue. My personal preference was to have our ceremony and reception at the same place. Whilst most guests wouldn’t care about needing to travel between the two, I thought I’d rather save the travel time for more photography time.

Now for my first wedding-related plugs on this blog. I did my fair share of research and comparing pricing packages of suitable venues around Perth and the venues we seriously considered were: Araluen Golf Resort, Fraser’s Kings Park and Caversham House. All three places are gorgeous.

In the end we went with Caversham House. We stumbled on this gem by accident as neither of us knew of this place before. It was my partner’s idea actually, to go to the Swan Valley Wedding Open Day (it’s coming up again on 2 July 2017 and I would highly recommend going to check out the venues all prettily done up by decorators and to get contacts of many local suppliers).

We started at Sandalford Winery for the Wedding Open Day, which was a very pretty winery but I just didn’t get the feel for it. I can’t remember the next venue we planned on going to, but we somehow ended up at Caversham House. Looking at it from the outside and at a distance, it seemed like a small, humble place which – again, because of the conservative budget – I was hoping was going to be very affordable.

Walking in, I immediately thought: “Wow”. I loved the little garden walkway entrance.

Walking in further, my reaction morphed into a wide-eyed “DAYUM“. A large garden with a beautiful red-carpeted staircase, waterfall fountain and a river in the background. It was not what we’d expected looking in from the outside. The reception room brought on yet another “Wow”. The following week, we returned to try out the food and… drools. We booked it in 18 months in advance there and then.

So ultimately, there was no detailed mathematical analysis of the venue costs, no seeking second opinions, it was simple love at first sight (and taste) with everything on offer.

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