An unexpected journey

Following all those stressful travel arrangements, my flights got cancelled twice (not even a surprise during this pandemic), meaning I had to once again sit in front of the computer and snipe whatever hotel quarantine spots I could to match alternative flights — a most difficult mission when spots for quarantine in New Zealand are already booked out all the way to the end of May 2021.

The flights themselves would've been tough enough with a 7‑month-old, but on top of that, my 4‑hour journey from Perth to Sydney turned into an 8‑hour nightmare. For whatever reason, when our plane was about to land in Sydney, the Sydney airport was closed. Yup, the busiest airport in Australia was closed at 6pm. In the meantime, we circled about in the air, until the fuel almost ran out.

So off we went to Newcastle for our plane to refuel, but the refuelling team took more than 3 hours to show up. No extra food on the plane + bored/tired/screechy baby = recipe for disaster. With 8 hours, we might as well have flown straight to New Zealand, or maybe a holiday in Taiwan/Japan/Korea?

After a lovely overnight stay at the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, we got up at too-early‑o'clock for our next leg from Sydney to Auckland.

Luckily, this was the flight I booked in business class. The baby was still screechy, but far less so. Thanks to the seat-turned-bed that provided more play room.

Both the economy and business seats in the Qantas A330 were very nice. Unless the price is outrageous, I definitely think it's worth flying business especially when travelling alone with a difficult little bub. Sorry not sorry to all the other business class passengers who hoped for a quiet, comfortable flight!

At long last, I am now in Auckland, New Zealand.

After the unlucky flight débâcle, I was pleasantly surprised to be assigned to Sebel Manukau for quarantine, which is the closest quarantine hotel to my family and thus makes it easy for them to drop things off for me.

The room is clean and spacious, and the food has been amazing so far, with tasty purees and mashes for the baby too. Having a room with a kitchen is also a great bonus, as it makes cleaning all the baby bottles and heating baby food a lot easier.

Days 1 and 2 of quarantine — so far so good, but still can't wait until we're free!

Now, I never want to travel on my own with a baby. Ever. Again.


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