New covers & new other writing things

It's all kinda coincidental, but I just so happened to have done quite a few fancy new things for my writing stuff. So, without further ado:

1. New book covers. Yay!

For a long time, my book covers have featured real human models and to me, they fit in quite well with the cover designs of historical romance books.

However, having come across more and more readers who say that they avoid books with real people on the covers, I decided to give my books a fresh look.

So for the first time ever, my completed story Bride Behind the Mask and the almost-completed Bride to the Cursed (formerly The Cursed King's Bride) now have matching covers. Yes, I had to rename the second book to get matching typography lol.

2. Ko-fi

I've had a Ko-fi page for what, like, 2+ years now but have never used it or linked it anywhere because I've never felt comfortable asking for donations. I also never wrote fast enough to be able to offer advanced chapters or bonus content to paid subscribers.

Anyways, I figured "what evs". I'm not making anyone donate anything to me, and Ko-fi looks like a fun place to add bonus book art and share random other notes about my world and characters, so, hey, where's the harm?

3. Substack: my newsletter!

I do wish to continue pursuing writing, with the goal to eventually publish. Whether that be through traditional publishing or self-publishing, I've not decided yet. Either way, I've heard time and time again that it's important to have a writing newsletter, so I have now set up one on Substack too. I intend to use my newsletter for more serious-ish writing journey-related posts and book recommendations, whereas Ko-fi will be more of a fan service for my existing Wattpad readers.

And what's this blog gonna be for, you ask? Well, a mixed bag of everything from writing progress to book reviews to other life stuff.

It's a lot to manage, but exciting times ahead!

Yes, yes it is! Whipped up in ten minutes but it'll do, pig, it'll do until I can be bothered to be more creative.

And now it's time to quit doing all this writing-related non-writing and actually get on to the writing. I'm 2,000 words over my intended 80,000-word limit for Bride to the Cursed and there's still at least 10% of the story to go.


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