About Me

HELLO AND WELCOME to my little corner of the world wide web. I am a lover of books (especially fantasy) and games, with a newfound interest in writing stories of my own.

This is just another avenue for me to share random tidbits about the things I enjoy and… well, life!

Month of firsts

I can’t believe I actually hit my Camp NaNoWriMo goal in July. Granted I had to cheat and adjust my initial 20,000-word editing goal down to 15,000, but that was fully justified, methinks, given that my little one arrived 8 days earlier than his due date. So yay! My first Camp NaNo participation and win, and with that,

As of yesterday, I have also survived my first month as a Read more →

Review: Crisis in the Red Zone

What's better than reading a bloody good thriller? It's knowing that the bloody (literally bloody) good thriller is a 100% true account.

Before this book I knew the Ebola virus was scary, but I'd never appreciated just how scary it really is.

I loved the way Preston explained the science and medical aspects of the Ebola epidemic in a way that a complete science-dud like me could understand and find … Read more →

A life-changing week

On 2 July 2020, I became a MILF mum (though I might one day earn my MILF status yet… when the stars align).

In other words, Happy First Week to my baby boy! And happy first projectile poop too.

As relieved and grateful as I am about having my healthy and adorable baby in my arms, I'm not going to pretend that life is now filled with pink hearts and cute Facebook … Read more →

Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Umm. Wow. And to think this was a book I started months ago, felt it was so much of a slog in the early chapters that I almost gave up and dumped in the DNF pile…

Fucking wow.

Once the action began, this story was plot twist after plot twist; when I thought there couldn't possibly be more plot twists, well, of course there were more. And they were … Read more →

Reviving this blogging business

At long last, I've got a blog again!

It's been fun playing with all the HTML, CSS and PHP stuff I have missed for so long, but more importantly, with all the new events this year: finishing a novel, trying my hand at Camp NaNoWriMo, welcoming my first baby 😱, even the coronavirus… Why not?

This time, I intend to keep it up. We'll see if I manage!