About Me

HELLO AND WELCOME to my little corner of the world wide web. I am a lover of books (especially fantasy) and games, with a newfound interest in writing stories of my own.

This is just another avenue for me to share random tidbits about the things I enjoy and… well, life!

An unexpected journey

Following all those stressful travel arrangements, my flights got cancelled twice (not even a surprise during this pandemic), meaning I had to once again sit in front of the computer and snipe whatever hotel quarantine spots I could to match alternative flights — a most difficult mission when spots for quarantine in New Zealand are already booked out all the way to the end of May 2021.

The flights themselves … Read more →

My quest to return home during a pandemic

When I made the decision to move to Australia 8 years ago, never had I imagined that one day it might be almost impossible to return home to New Zealand — a mere Tasman Sea away, Australia's friendly neighbour, where my family is based, where I'm a citizen of, and where I now need to return to urgently due to special circumstances.

Let's start with all the hurdles I have … Read more →

Review: SNOO smart bassinet for babies

It wasn't until I became a mother that I began to appreciate just how much money there is in the baby sleep industry. And it wasn't until I became a mother that I felt all too willing to part with my precious dollars for the magical sleep program or sleep consultant or whatever solution that would get my baby to sleep through the night — or even just sleep at … Read more →

Dramione: the guilty pleasure keeping me sane

Believe me when I say I detested Draco Malfoy when I read the Harry Potter books, so I’d never thought about a romantic pairing between him and Hermione Granger. But when I first stumbled upon the popular Draco-Hermione fandom years ago, it took me zero effort to get sucked into it. Perhaps it's because the canonical pairing between Hermione and Ron Weasley has always felt awkward and forced to me. … Read more →

Three months of motherhood

Well, well, well. Back in July, I thought I’d never make it here. I still remember the days when crying and meltdowns were my daily ritual, and the longest stretch of sleep I ever got during the night was a measly 2.5 hours. In those days, it was hard to believe that life could ever get better. To my amazement, it has. Last night, in fact, the little bub … Read more →